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Our Mission

Publica Global Media strives to become a vibrant hub of academic knowledge. We intend to provide global showcase for researchers knowledgeable in the lore of everything. This ranges from humans to robots, from the oceans to the stars, and from the past to the future. Our mission is to inspire and empower the scientific exchange between scholars around the world, especially those from emerging countries. With a firm belief in open access to knowledge, Publica Global Media endeavors to enhance the influence of scientific research through online digital publishing and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Open science benefits humanity. The unimpeded access to academic knowledge requires the joint efforts from all parties. Our expertise in scholarly publishing enables us to anticipate and support the knowledge needs of potential partners, be it a library, a learned society, or an institution of higher learning. We offer rigorous yet cost-effective publishing solution catered to every conceivable need for knowledge sharing. Publica Global Media is eager to join hands with any party, who also longs for a future of open science.


Our world is driven by those with never-ending curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Publica Global Media creates a perfect world for these knowledge seekers. In this world, an avid learner can sail the oceans of academic lore, hike the mountains of wisdom, and drink from the fountain of knowledge. Our diverse portfolio of open-access journals is an unquestioned source of spiritual riches for those with an inquiry mind. We spare no effort to preserve and proclaim proven know- hows and novel technologies.


Academic researchers are at the heart of our publishing experience. Publica Global Media upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity in any publication, and operates a series of peer- reviewed, scholarly journals covering a myriad of topics. You can easily choose the journal that fits your niche. Inspired by the spirit of open science, our journals offer open access options to researchers in a wide spectrum of fields. By contributing to an Publica Global Media, you can collaborate with a reciprocal community of researchers, and share exciting findings with a relevant global audience.

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